Favorite Music Videos

These are a few of my most favored music videos. Videos that make me wonder why I don't do more film making. Lets start things off here with a light hearted clip from Hot Chip. Excellent surprise elements and completely off the wall ending. 

I'm not much of a dancing music video kind of guy, but this is an exception to that rule. The story in this is so simple but completely engaging. Michael Jackson could move, but this miner isn't too far behind.

Ramona Falls does a video here like no other I've seen. Love the old lithograph styling and the sheer oddity of it all. Chorus comes in powerful and intimidating.

This video astounds me. I can't even begin to wrap my mind around how this was done. Incredibly clever use of things you see everyday traveling by public transport. Another piece of brilliance from Mr. Gondry.

UNKLE's "Rabbit in your headlights" tells a story of this transient looking fellow and some severely heartless human beings. Then, another wild twist ending.

Would it be wrong for me to do a 6 video post? Is there some symbolism here that I'm neglecting? Ahh well, this last one had to make it in. The Fleet Foxes have bottled up the feeling of this song in this masterful video. The animation is absolutely beautiful. If I make something like this in my lifetime, I can die happy.