Assistant Professor of Practice of graphic design at the University of Nebraska _ Lincoln Attentive to the everyday occurences that make up our lives.
Everything communicates.



Index of Wind

By stylizing abstract forms of items around a small Icelandic town, I show how their forms change when set into motion by the wind in this poster series of three.

18” x 24”


These words are a particularly wicked part of learning the English language. These posters use a simplified line with changes in its form to communicate the different meanings of a word spelled and often pronounced exactly the same.

24” x 36”

Join the Circle

After having received my vaccination I thought the simple form in the bandage placed on my arm was a compelling and communicative form. Those inside the circle are participating in close, mask-free, social situations. The bright colors, the tight proximity contrasts against the previous life before vaccination.
I have had in my possession my grandfather’s stamp collection which I scanned a portion of and used for the creation of this piece.

36” x 48”

Unholy Communion

Combining this small plastic baby toy – with a striking similarity to Donald Trump – and Christian iconography. I satirize the “holy” relationship between he and Putin. Like a child, Trump fawns over dictatorial leaders. I question any semblance of innocence others find in this association.

24” x 36”


Icons of Home

Representing each item as its own icon, this small book travels through the home I grew up in as a child. The fuzzy distorted effect my cheap inkjet printer had on these icons adds to the dream-like effect in my attempt to recollect this time from my past.

4” x 6”

Colors of Olafsfjordur

Finding children’s board books at the local library were my way into the Icelandic language. Through them I understood colors, animal names, and sounds. Photographing and altering captivating, color-coordinated subjects from around the town, I used bewildering placements to echo the emotions I had when trying to communicate in Iceland. These ideas are expressed through the creation of my own board book.

8” x 8” board book


Sentree Backpack

When in a public space with my mother I often felt as if I had little to no power to control what materialized around me if a seizure struck. Strangers panicked, callin emergency services that were unnecessary. It was as if roles reversed, placing me as parent while parent became child. Yet, I was still perceived as a child.

My process in developing this product began by photographing forms within nearby trees. From those photos, I pulled out faces seen in the bark. The imperfect, atypical, endearing face chosen reinforced the vulnerability I wanted the character to project. This backpack contains a blanket that informs a nervous crowd about a transpiring seizure. Empowering the child by giving them a voice.

Backpack 8” x 13” x 3”

Allay Series

Using contrasting tones within wood – maple and walnut – and primary colors, these iterations developed over the course of a year. When twisted, the form of each character communicates the distortion that happens to a loved one/caregiver while they experience a seizure. As the timer winds down the figure realigns, signifying a return to normalcy.

7” x 3” x 2” (on average)



Letterpress historical processes (clockwise from left):

Druksel / Massin / Calligram / Dada / Futurism

The use of elastic exercise bands with “language” printed over top summed up the dynamic nature of language Johanna Drucker speaks about within her book The Visible Word.

12” x 16” prints
13” x 17” container


Sunshine Grocers

American consumerism symbols paired with progressive oddity portrays a message of satire upon the consumer. Utilizing a standard busy ad template from American grocery stores, a tongue-in-cheek story is told of the unconscious desire to consume whatever an ad may put in front of us. The use of the Qatari cart in the closing frames speak to the globalization of this ideal.


6” x 10” Print Ad 

Hammer These

Once instructed in a unique and captivating manner, will people do just as they are told? This interactive installation in downtown Richmond, VA, showed that this was the case. Inspiration for this project derived from reading Edward Bernay’s book, Propaganda.

48”x 24” x 36”

wood, MDF, 1/8” nails